A couple of weeks ago (Mars the 30th), we got to see the first episode of BBC’s tv-show Sherlock. Sherlock is about a consultive detective, named Sherlock Holmes, and a former military doctor, named John Watson. Together they solve crimes for the police and private people that consult them.

The episodes are about an hour long and each season has three episodes. For the moment the show only has four seasons and it is said that the fourth was the last, but the writers has said that if they get the inspiration to write more (and if the actors want to do it) there would be more. But they have promised nothing so we can only hope.

Before we watched the episode we spoke a little about the author of the original Sherlock Holmes book-serie. His name was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He was born May 22nd 1859 and died July 7th 1930.