We live in a town called Fjärås. It is a nice place with a lot of history. It’s quite warm here in the summer and quite cold during the winter. Fjärås is built near an esker, and when you go up on that esker you can see both the salt sea and a lake at the same time. The lake is called Lygnern and it’s a great place to bathe in the summer. In Fjärås we have one church on the top of the esker and we also have a school named after the esker called Bräckaskolan. We have one little shop, one pizzeria, one hospital, one bakery, one Thai restaurant and one barber. We also have a place where you can see ancient viking graves and a big rock named Frodestenen after after a viking king from Denmark🇩🇰
We also have a football team named IFK Fjärås but no one cares about that.

//Tim and Gösta

The lake Lygnern.